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My love of dogs & Beagles in particular all started in 1980 when I outgrew my pony & decided I wanted a dog instead!. It had to be big enough to have fun with, but small enough to fit easily into my parent’s house. Mum wanted a Beagle & Dad an Irish Setter, we visited a few homes who owned these breeds & decided that a Beagle would be less manic than the energetic Setter!. Yes we were naïve!.

Scooby Doo duly arrived just before Christmas 1980 & changed my life forever. Barclan Tempo was my first dog & show dog, although he was not the best specimen of the breed, we won well at local shows in both breed & Junior Handling & I was bitten by the bug!.

1985 saw the arrival of Bondlea Piper & although he never hit the heights of his famous brother Poet, he did me proud winning amongst other things BPIS at his first show South West Hound Club under Jayne Wilson-Stringer.

1986 saw the arrival of Samwella Luther at 13 months of age, a gift from his breeder Pam Williams. Luther was a dog in a million & despite the difficulties in winning with a T/W male, he won well for me & we gained our first ever CC at Bournemouth under breed judge Ted Turner. My affix Serenaker was granted to me the same year, so not a bad year for a mere novice in the breed.

1987 Luther wins his 2nd CC & BOB at the 4 Counties Beagle Club under Sylvia Tutchener.He also wins the RCC at Birmingham under Veronica Bradley & RCC at Devon & Cornwall Beagle under Daphne Ayland.

1988Luther wins the RCC under Bobby James at the WKC.

1989 Luther became a champion under respected breed judge Jean Westren, a truly great moment with my best pal.

I had long admired the Beagles of Eleanor & Frank Bothwell of Norcis fame, & I was lucky enough to spend some time with them “learning Beagles”. I had a bitch pup from them but she didn’t make the grade & so I waited.

1991 Norcis Cornriggs came along & again I was campaigning a T/W dog!. He won well for me before an accident put paid to his show career just as he was reaching his prime.

1992 Norcis Elkie had arrived, she had a fantastic pedigree & was sister to Murphy’s Law a favourite of mine. She produced my first homebred litter to Cornriggs

1994 Norcis Gen arrived, a daughter of the fabulous Foxy Lady & Murphy. She never hit the dizzy heights of the showring, but she proved her worth in the whelping box 10 fold.

1995 saw the arrival of Norcis Miss Muffet, a very tidy T/W girl

1996 saw our 2nd litter, Elkie to Rossgay Rambler. This produced Serenaker Kind of Magic who went on to become the foundation bitch of the Cuthill’s Benroma kennel. Muffet won BPAOC at the BA champ show under Jean Westren shortly before returning to her home kennel.

In 1997 we decided to add PBGV’s to the kennel having fallen in love with this mischievous breed at shows & after being asked to handle one at a couple of shows for Yvonne Dean & Claire Gutherless. Deanound Tonnere (Louis) duly arrived & immediately took over.

1998 saw wins for Tonnerre as he won well throughout his puppy career & was RBPIS at the Hound Association of Scotland in 1998 under Jill Peak. He won us our first major award at Crufts where he won the RCC under Mrs J Walker. Gen’s litter to Ch. Norcis Mouseltoff produced Serenaker Fatal Attraction or Frankie to her friends

1999 Tonnerre won the RCC at Bath under Mrs S Roberts. This year saw us in the position to allow a Pharaoh to take over our home, we had pick dog from a litter bred by Antony Bongiovanni. Dexter or Ankors Blade Runner was by an American Import dog (Lileo's Orpheus of Serafin) out of Tony’s BIS winning bitch (Surannon Summer Solstice for Ankors).

2000 saw Gen's final litter to a young dog Fallowfield Douglas who had won well as a puppy, this liasion gave us the very infuential Serenaker Carousel (Carrie-Ann). Douglas went on to become a champion & was the top Beagle stud dog for 12 consecutive years. Dexter was Top PH Puppy dog. Frankie won her first CC under breed specialist Jack Peden.

In 2001 we tragically lost Louis our PBGV, but not before siring a litter of 1 to Mike Gadsby & Gavin Robertson’s bitch Allumeuse. Obviously we had to have this puppy & Afterglow Causin’ A Storm duly arrived. We also became joint owners of Ankors Behutet (Rohan), who I handled to gain her title under Marion Spavin at Birmingham National. Rohan finished the year as Top PH after winning the group & RBIS at Bournemouth under Denys Simpson & Geoff Corrish, Dexter finished as joint Top winning PH Dog.

2002 saw Dexter gain his title at Birmingham National under Carla Molinari & win the Group at Paignton under Denys Simpson. Frankie won her 2nd CC under another breed specialist Dianna Spavin & Rohan finished as Top PH Bitch.

2003 Dexter won the Dog CC at Crufts under Dr Brian Sprole & Storm the DCC at Blackpool under Joyce Mann. Frankie became our first homebred CHAMPION after winning her crowning CC under breed specialist Christine Lewis. Rohan finished as Top PH Bitch, & the most important part of the kennels history Serenaker Devil Woman (Charlie) was born

2004 Carrie Ann won the RBCC & RBIS at the BC of NI under Penney Jefferies, Rohan finished as Top PH & Charlie as Top Beagle Puppy.

2005 Charlie won her first CC with BOB at Bath under Jeff May & Storm won the RCC at Blackpool under xxxxx. Frankie had a litter to Douglas which gave us Serenaker Freya. Charlie won her 2nd CC at the Beagle Association under David Bradley, gained her title at WKC under Roy Metcalf & finished the year as Runner up Top Bitch.

2006 Charlie won the CC & BOB at Crufts under respected breed specialist judge Dianna Spavin & ended up group 3 under Robin Searle. Not to be outdone Frankie took Best Veteran.Charlie sailed over the water to pick up the GS, BOB & Group first at the Celtic Winners show under Hound specialists Zena Thorne Andrews & Linda Gover & in doing so gained her Irish Title. Charlie took Runner up in the Pedigree Champion Stakes under Anne McDonald at Birmingham National. Trial by Magic (Vinnie) by AmCh.Wilkeep Co's Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield x Serenaker Freya, Devil in Disguise (Archie) & Divine Devil (Titchy Witch) both by AmCh.Wilkeep Co's Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield x Serenaker Devil Woman were born. Carrie Ann was Runner up Top Brood Bitch, only beaten by her grandmother Dilly, Charlie wasTOP BEAGLE 2006.

2007 Charlie was again Runner up in the Pedigree Champion Stakes, Vinnie won BPIS at the SBC Champ show under Jim Woodcock, Freya gained her Stud Book number. Charlie won the Beagle of The Year award under Patricia Clayton & Archie the Beagle Puppy of The year under Marion Spavin. Charlie was Top Brood Bitch, Archie won 4th overall in the Petplan Junior Stakes final & finished the year as TOP PUPPY ALL BREEDS

2008 The year started badly with the loss of our lovely old girl Norcis Gen, her legacy lives on. Charlie was again Top Brood Bitch & Archie won the prestigious DOG WORLD/PURINA PUP OF THE YEAR final, the first beagle in the competitions history to do so judge was Top Allrounder Albert Wight. He was also Runner Up in the Kennel Club JW winners final held at Crufts under Renee Spore-Willes. Archie won BOB & Group 2 at Manchester under Dagmar Kennis Pordham, the RDCC at Crufts under Sally Kimber & then Runner up in the Champion Stakes at HAS. We were delighted when Dr Stephen Sipperly & Mr Dominic Carota of the famous Hallam Hall Pharaoh Hounds in the USA, allowed us co-ownership of one of their wonderful hounds.Ch/AmCh. Hallam's Busiris Ra Qena has a superb pedigree being by Ch,Am,Int,Nordic,Swedish,Finnish,Danish,Norwegian Ch Farao Anubis Ramses x Am.Int.PR.Ch.Kamaraj Qena Saqqara. Both Sire & Dam being closely bred through the old Twinley & Merymut lines. Sirus had both brains & beauty, after finishing his American title, he had been very successful in Lure Coursing, having won the titles Master Courser & Lure Courser Excellent. He was the top Lure coursing Pharaoh Hound in the USA 2007. He finished his first year in the UK show ring with TOP PHARAOH HOUND, winning the CC at every show attended bar 1. He was the Dog winner of the prestigious Viscount Chelmsford Memorial Champion Stakes at the Houndshow under breed expert Jill Peak. He topped the lot at both Pharaoh Hound Club shows, with BIS at the Championship show under Blaze Harris & BIS at the Open show under Pamela Ayling. He also became my third Pharaoh Hound group winner at Leeds under Breed specialist Ben Reynolds-Frost. Hey Jude(Pixie) was born to Douglas & Charlie. Charlie won the CC, BOB & group 2 at Windsor under breed judge David Webster & Group judge Paul Singleton & Archie CC, BOB & in the final 8 at Leeds under Peter Higgins, the same show we won the group with Sirus!. Archie won the Open Stakes at the Houndshow under Graham Hill & Charlie 3rd in the prestigeous Viscount Chelmsford Memorial Champion Bitch Stakes under Jill Peak. We had a great WKC Charlie won CC, BOB & group 4 under Jane May & June Minns & Sirus won CC & BOB under Liz Cartledge!.

2009 We had a fantastic start to the year with Pixie winning Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts under breed specialist Linda Hawley & Sirus winning the RCC under Barbara Brooker. In April we were joined at Serenaker by AMCH. Hallam's Gysai Kacey at Serenaker, a stunning Sirus daughter & Freya gave birth to Serenaker Sunday Girl (Blondie) by AmCh Wilkeep Co's Hocus Pocus at Fallowfield. What a great 10 days in June!. Charlie won her 19th CC at 3 Counties under Stuart Mallard & 3 days later won the CHAMPION STAKES at Border Union under Gundog expert Di Arrowsmith, after winning the finals overall, we zoomed across Scotland to the Scottish Beagle Club in time to win a huge Junior bitch class with Pixie & then her mother Charlie won her 20th CC & BIS under breed specialist Marion Hunt. Less than 7 days later at Blackpool Charlie's other daughter Titchy Witch won her 1st CC under German specialist Siegfried Peter - all in all a wonderful few days!.

More success at the Houndshow where Charlie was the bitch winner of the prestigious Viscount Chelmsford Memorial Champion Stakes under Stuart Mallard. She won her 21st & retiring CC at the WKC under breed specialist Patricia Huey & Sirus won the RDCC under Dennis Macmillan. Vixen was mated to Ch.Fallowfield Barney & produced for us Serenaker Foxtrot (Squiddley Diddley). At Midland Counties Miss Kacey won her first CC & BOB under renowned breed expert Marjory Williams, who used to handle the Merrymut hounds to such great success. Miss Kacey was then pulled out in the final 8 of a very good Hound group under top all rounder & Hound specialist Marion Spavin. In December Blondie won the prestigeous North West Charity Knockout competition under Top Allrounder & previous Crufts BIS judge Ann Arch & co-judge Pat Chadwick. She then won BPIB & the RCC at 7 months old under breed specialist Georgina Kemp at LKA.

Charlie finished the year as joint Top Beagle Bitch

2010 In a nutshell the year started with a new arrival at Serenaker, Birkhall Hallam's Brodie, a Sirus son x IrCh. Antefa's Renenet at Birkhall bred by our friends Claire Hindley, Sheila McDonald & Danny Martin. Crufts saw yet another RCC in Pharaoh's, this time with Miss Kacey under Ferilith Somerfield. Charlie delivered her 3rd litter this time 6 girls to Ch & AmCh. Barristers Yankee Doodle Dandy at Fallowfield, Serenaker Memphis Belle stayed here at the home kennel. Miss Kacey won her 2nd CC with BOB under Hound expert Ben Reynolds Frost at WELKS. We did the double at SKC under Roger Henningsson Dundas with Vinnie owned by Rachel Cuthill winning his 1st CC & BOB & Titchy Witch winning her 2nd CC.At his first show the PHC champ show aged just 6 months Brodie won the RDCC under breed expert Sheila Simm. Our Beagle puppy Squiddley Diddley won the CC from Minor Puppy at Blackpool uner Mark Cocozza & finished the year as Top Puppy in Breed. Titchy Witch won her crown & became our 4th homebred Champion at Leeds under breed judge Ron Caney & Brodie won his first CC under Martin Sanders. At Richmond we won BOB with Brodie under Gavin Robertson, Best veteran in Breed in her first ever veteran class with Charlie & BPIB with Squiddley under breed specialist Frank Bothwell. We finished the year with TOP PUPPY in breed for both Pharaoh's & Beagles! After a short holiday Archie gained his German title & Sirus was the #1 PH in the USA & the Top Pharaoh Hound Stud dog in the UK

2011 started badly with the loss of our first homebred champion - Ch Serenaker Fatal Attraction. Frankie was a dog in a million & our lives were enriched knowing her. She was certainly looking down on us a week later when we won the CC & BOB with Pixie under breed specialist Jean Westren at CRUFTS & was pulled in the final 7 of the Hound Group under breed & hound expert Eleanor Bothwell.We won the double for the 2nd year running at SKC with both Vinnie & Pixie winning their 2nd CC's, this time the ladies took the edge with Pixie BOB. Blondie whelped a litter to Ch. Fallowfield Bartholomew & this produced Serenaker Figaro (BB) & Sogni D'Oro (Macey - owned by Louise Bennet). At Houndshow Squiddey won his 2nd CC under Ben Reynolds Frost & then the RCC at WKC under Trish Wells where Brodie picked up his 2nd CC thanks to judge Eleanor Bothwell.

2012 Started very badly as we lost Charlie in January, she was my soulmate & best friend. Everything this small kennel has achieved has been due to her. She was one in a million & will never be forgotten. Squiddley Diddley won his 3rd & crowning CC with BOB at Crufts under breed specialist Marion Hunt & followed up with BOB & Group 4 at WELKS under Margaret Davies & Zola Rawson. Our bad luck continued with the loss of Rohan in April, we can never thank Antony enough for allowing her to be part of our lives. On the showing front the wins continued with Serenaker Othello (Dyson - co-owned with Rachel Cuthill) winning BPIS at the BCNI under renown breed expert Patricia Sutton. Kacey gained her 3rd CC & Crown with RBIS at the PHC show under hound specialist Nigel Blackstock & Pixie collected her 3rd CC & Crown with BOB at Houndshow under breed specialist Linda Hawley & Monica Boggia-Black. Brodie took BIS at the PHC under xxxx & Belle won her 1st CC & RBIS at West Mercia BC under breed expert Dianna Spavin. November saw our first ever PH litter registered under the Serenaker affix - huge thanks to Stephen & Dominic for allowing us that fantastic opportunity. A dog & bitch puppy Serenaker Sirocco (Rocky) & Serenaker Khamsin (Phoebe) stayed at the home kennel to be campaigned.

2013 A quick trip over the water to the Emerald Isle saw Squiddy take the GS,BOB & Group 1 at the St Patricks Day show under Stephen O'Brien, repeating the wins his great-grandmother took in 2006. A trip to NI next saw Serenaker Figaro co-owned & handled by Charlotte Norridge win his 1st CC & RBIS under Jen Davies. We said a tearful farewell to our first Pharaoh Hound Dexter, he taught us a lot & will never be forgotten. SKC saw a RCC for Dyson under Nick Bryce-Smith & our latest Champion Pharaoh - Ch Birkhall Hallams Brodie of Serenaker under Ken Sinclair. Shortly after this Brodie made his way across the pond to join the Hallam Hounds. Blackpool saw Dyson take his 1st CC under David Webster after numerous RCC's. Blondie produced her 2nd litter, this time to Serenaker Othello & we kept a rather luscious T/W girl called Serenaker Fashion (Dizzy). SWKA saw Belle win her 2nd CC, BOB & Group 2 under breed judge Ron Caney & group judge Jenny Dove. We did the treble at the PHC show under Claire Hindley with Kacey winning BIS, Rocky winning BPIS & RBD & Phoebe taking RBPIS - what a day!. Miss Kacey won her 4th CC under Michael Quinney at Midland Counties. A sad end to the year though when our last PBGV left & we said goodbye to Afterglow Causin' A Storm.

2014 The year started well with the RCC at Manchester with Serenaker Figaro. February came the good news of his American title for Ch. Birkhall Hallam's Brodie of Serenaker. March was good to us with Dyson winning the RCC at Crufts under Liz Calikes & Serenaker Figaro winning his 3rd & crowning CC at 4 Counties Beagle Club under Nigel Blackstock. April was equaly good to us with Serenaker Othello being piloted to his 2nd CC by co-owner Rachel at HAS under breed specialist Lynda Havard & Serenaker Sirocco winning his 1st CC at WELKS under breed specialist Marie Richmond. Our latest baby the T/W girl Serenaker Fashion (Dizzy) starts with a bang winning BPIS at The Beagle Club Championship show under specialists Jim Woodcock & Ken Burgess, then the RBCC at Scottish Beagle Club under another specialist Patricia Sutton, then BPIB & Puppy Group 3 at Windsor under Marina Scott & Annette Oliver. She adds another RBCC at The Beagle Association under yet another specialist in Kath Cooper. August sees a very successful visit to Irelnad with the crew, Archie picks up multiple Group 2's, & both Figaro & Sirocco Group 1st's. October saw another great visit to the Emerald Isle with Rocky gaining his International Champion title & Archie gaining BVIS at the IKC International. On a sad note November saw the passing of Carrie-Ann the mother of Charlie, but her Grandson Archie won the Veteran Stakes at Midland Counties. We were delighted to be confirmed the TOP BEAGLE & TOP PHARAOH HOUND BREEDERS IN IRELAND FOR 2014

2015 A quiet start to the year, but it all kicked off in April with Serenaker Sirocco winning his 2nd CC at WELKS under breed specialist Antonty Bongiovanni. May saw a 1st CC for Serenaker Fashion at Devon, Cornwall & South West Beagle under specialist Georgina Kemp, who also awarded Archie BVIS. Next show was Birmingham National with another breed specialist in Linda Hawley & what a show it turned out to be with Dyson (Serenaker Othello) shown by Rachel winning his 3rd & Crowning CC & Miss Dizzy (Fashion) winning her 2nd CC & BOB. June saw our other oldie Ch.Serenaker Divine Devil winning BVIS at The Beagle Club 125th speciality under Lesley Hiltz & Christine Lewis.On a much sadder note we learnt of the passing of the wonderful Sirus & we thank Dominic & Stephen for the opportunity of being loved by this wonderful boy. July was a good month for us Dizzy won her 3rd & Crowning CC with BOB & Group 4 at Windsor under James Gordon Hall & Jan Pain. Next show on saw another New Champion when Serenaker Sirocco won his 3rd CC under Top Allrounder Ken Sinclair.The year ended with a litter for Serenaker Samba (Ch Serenaker Foxtrot x Serenaker Scandal) to CzCh. DreamyBlues Tergy at Fallowfield, we kept a Tri girl - Serenaker Daydream (PupPup).

2016 My friend & mentor Eleanor Bothwell passed away in June, the day my Archie x Belle litter were born, the pups were all named with the 'Ell or Hell theme & I hoped they would do my good friend proud. The Beagle Club was good to us with Dizzy winning BCC & BIS under Sally Kimber & Barbara Roderick & Archie BVIS under Stephen Seymour & Barbara Roderick. It also saw the debut of Serenaker Daydream (PupPup) who won a cracking MPB class. July saw another BREED SPECIALITY BIS WIN when Dizzy won the BCC & BOB under breed specialists Patricia Sutton & David Craig. WKC in August was a cracking show for us as Serenaker Khamsin (Phoebe) won her 1st CC & BOB under Hound Expert Dianna Spavin & Archie won BVIB, Hound Veteran Group 1st & BVIS under Jayne Clays (breed) & Top Allrounder Jeff Luscott. Our new babies made their debut at SYHS in December with Serenaker Hot As 'Ell (Hottie) winning BPIB under Charlie Pitt & in the last 4 for BPIS under Helen Geeson, Serenaker Elle's Belle's (Ellie) went even further winning BPIS under Helen.The final show of the year LKA, saw our Serenaker Daydream enter her junior classes in style by winning the RBCC & Mr Hottie winning BPIB under Australian Hound expert Noreen Harris.

2017 The year started with 2 BPIS wins & BPD at Crufts & 4 Counties Beagle for Mr Hottie. He continued his winning ways in April with the RDCC, BPIB & Puppy Stakes at HAS under Stephen Jepson & Nick Bryce Smith, he was also shortlisted in a craking BPIS line-up under Moray Armstrong. April also saw Rocky gain his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title & Dizzy her Irish Champion title at the IKC International show under Top Allrounder Liz Cartledge.May saw the brother & sister double Serenaker Hot As 'Ell & Serenaker Elle's Belle's win BPIS & RBPIS respectively under Peter Davies & Barbara Rudorf-Steven. Peterborough was another good show for us, Hotttie added another RDCC to his collection under Mel Spavin & Khamsin won her 2nd CC under Grant Carter, brilliantly handled by Rebecca Ellrich.The month ended on a sad note with the death of Freya, mother to Sunday Girl who has certinly made her mark. August saw Serenaker Daydream gain her Irish Champion title, owned by Stephanie Robertson. September saw the birth of Blondie's final litter, this time to the exciting import Milroc Sightnscent Winner Takes All at Eardley. This gave us the exciting youngster Serenaker Maid In America (Maddie). Show wise we went over the water to Belfast where Serenaker Elle's Belle's delighted us by winning her 1st CC & IrCh Serenaker Daydream handled by Fiona Robertson winning her 2nd RCC under Top Allrounder Jeff Horswell. October saw us in Wales & Southern Ireland where Dizzy won her 10th CC & BIS under Jen Davies at the Welsh Beagle Club & gained her INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title at the IKC International under Salvatore Tripoli. She finished the month with the BCC under Jim Woodcock at Midland Counties. November saw the Beagle of The Year where Mr Hottie won BPD, unfortunatley it also saw the passing of Serenaker Vixen dam of the Crufts BOB 2012 winner Foxtrot.

2018 A quiet start to the year as Dizzy had her babies to Rossut Navigator, we kept the lovely T/W girl Serenaker Freezya Assets (Sassy), whilst her tricolour sister Serenaker Fire N'Ice went to SA to join our friend Shuna De Villiers. We had a good day at Crufts with a good class win for Hottie, a cracking 2nd in OB with PupPup, but it was Phoebe Pharaoh who pulled out the stops to win the RBCC under Antony Bongiovanni. The following week saw the debut of Maid In America, and WHAT a debut, Maddie wins RBCC, BPB & BPIS at 4 Counties Beagle club under specialist Lynda Havard at just 6 months & 5 days old. A week later we had a great day at the Beagle Club under Lee Cox, Hottie won RBD, Ellie RBB & Maddie BPB & BPIS. Next up was Hound Association of Scotland under Denise Close where Maddie took BPB. WELKS was next for us where Nicola Denny took center stage, Maddie strutted her stuff to win another BPB, but the Star of the day was Ellie winning her 2nd CC. SKC up next where Ellie won the RBCC under Jerry Robertson. It was celebrations all round after the Pharaoh judging as Phoebe won her 3rd & CROWNING CC under Nick Bryce Smith, expertly handled by Tony Bongiovanni. Bath saw another BPB for Maddie & another RBCC for Ellie judge Ron Caney. The Beagle Club under Jo Norris saw yet another BPB for Maddie. Windsor was a wonderful day in the sun under Georgina Kemp, Maddie won the RBCC & BPIB. Not content with that she went on to win the Hound Puppy Group under Lynn Salt. Houndshow saw Maddie win the Puppy Stakes & Dizzy win the prestigious Viscount Chelmsford Memorial Champion Bitch Stakes following on from her grandmother in 2009 - Judge for both stakes was Jenny Startup. Leeds saw success with the Pharaoh's Phoebe took her 4th CC & BOB under Ben Reynolds Frost. Bournemouth under Gavin Robertson saw Maddie take yet another BPB & RBCC. Sassy made her debut & won RBPB behind her mennelmate. A week later at WKC Maddie finally made the breakthrough winning BPIB & the BCC under Paul Singleton. She then went & took Hound Puppy Group 2 under Espen Engh. Birmingham City under Barry Day saw Ellie win yet aother RBCC & Maddie BPIB & Hound Puppy group 4th under Paul Wilkinson. Fab day at Darlington under Tim Jones where Maddie won her 2nd CC. The final show of the year LKA saw Maddie win the RBCC under Linda Chapman.

2019 A great start to the year with Maddie winning BIS at St Helens. At Northern & Midland Beagle Club Hottie wins RBD and Maddie BB & BIS under Charlotte Ayres Cousins. Next up was West Mercia Beagle Club under Claire Chapman, what a fabulous show - Mr Hottie won BD, RBIS & BOS & Maddie BB & BIS. A year after her debut, Maddie wins the RBCC & RBIS at 4 Counties Beagle Club under Dawn Banks & Tommy Anderson. After a short break Birmingham National saw Maddie winning the RBCC under Martin Sanders. The show of the year for us has to be the BEAGLE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW Mr Hottie wins a hotly contested Open Dog class & then takes his first CC under Dawn Banks. Not to be outdone Miss Maddie wins a cracking Limit Bitch class and then her 3rd & crowning CC under Jen Davies. Maddie then ends up BIS & Hottie BOS under Tim Jones. The following week Maddie wins her 4th CC under Mandy Dance & the following day takes BIS & qualifies for the Kennel Club JW semi finals at Chesterfield under Stuart Mallard. What a cracking July only 2 shows & at HOUNDSHOW Miss Ellie wins her 3rd & Crowning CC with BOB under Fiona Findlay & Leeds saw Miss Maddie win her 5th CC under John Walton-Haddon. Next up is Paignton where Maddie wins the RCC under Stuart Mallard. We were over the moon at the WKC where Mr Hottie won his 2nd CC under Jenny Startup. Maddie was back on form at City Of Birmingham where she won her 6th CC, with BOB & a group shortlist under Stephen Jepson & Jenny Startup. The West Mercia Beagle club was a mini double for Mr Hottie & Miss Maddie who both won the RCC with Maddie taking RBIS not to be left out Blondie on a very rare outing won BVIS under Lesley Childs. The last show of the year saw Miss Maddie win her 7th CC in a quality entry under Kristen Theobald.

2020 Well the year started well with New Kid on the Block Miss Betty (Serenaker Wishes and Dreams) qualifying for Crufts at Boston her first show & Miss Maddie winning BB, BOB & Group 2 under Sharon Hardisty & Pamela Mottershaw. CRUFTS saw Miss Betty win the MPB class, this turned out to be our last show of the year! We lost Pixie suddenly in March, her zest for life is certainly missed by us all. During the lull in the shows we took the opportunity to welcome 2 new litters Dizzy to Harrison & Ellie to Endeavoured. We are delighted with both litters & have kept a boy and a girl from each. The year ended on a very sad note with the loss of Blondie, she lived life to the full and gave us 3 beautiful champion children in Figaro, Fashion & Maid in America. Goodbye sweet girl.

2021 Just when we thought things couldn't get worse we lost Archie at the very start of the New Year. What an amazing boy he was, the first ever winner of POTY, TOP PUPPY ALL BREEDS 2007 & Runner up KCJW stakes 2008 he will be very much missed. His children & grand children continue to please us & with luck his son may gain his crown when shows ever return.

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